In 2006 I set out to make photographs about our relationship with the land and how we have chosen to live off it in in the UK. I made several road trips visiting locations associated with food production and land use. The resulting images follow a loose narrative across production, processing, storage and transportation. Inkeeping the unseen processes of the food industry the specifics of locations are presented annomously. The resuling images are presented in a handmade folded A2 book which was designed in consultation with Bond and Coyne Associates.

1. Snack Bar
2. Food Factory
3. Lone Sheep
4. Migrant Workers
5. Birds
6. Warehouse
7. Inspection Window
8. Meat Trolley
9. Canned Tomatoe
10. Hygiene Barrier
11. Truck Port
12. Fans
13. Fridge Door
14. Refridgerator Trailers
15. Dual Carriage Way
16. Sign
17. Sheep
18. Dead Tree